Today's Rant

1. Borax is toxic--is it safe for laundry? Borax is an ingredient in skin creams. (sodium borate) According to the material data safety sheet, it is toxic/fatal if ingested. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs much of what is on it. If borax is dissolved in hot water, and well-diluted, it may be safer than laundry detergents, which have more potent chemicals. However, check your skin care product labels--if sodium borate (borax) is on the label, discard it!

2. Flawed studies! A study by the University of Alberta says that for children who eat fast food more than twice a week, the beneficial effects of being breastfed as an infant are reversed, and the incidence of asthma is increased. The news report did not mention whether the study took into account other socio-economic factors that might be involved, such as hectic lifestyle, or a general lack of healthy practices such as nutrition and exercise.


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