Alternatives in Diapering

What is Alternatives in Diapering? Alternatives in Diapering is a booklet weighing the pros & cons of disposable and cloth diapers, as well as using a diaper service. This booklet was compiled by the Peace River Childbirth Education Association (Peace River, AB., Canada). Copyright 1995.


Comparison of Alternatives (An overview of cost, convenience, effectiveness and environmental comparisons.) 

What's Available (Cloth diapers & accessories, diaper service, disposable diapers.)


Diapering Tips (Home, day care.) 

Washing Diapers 

Diaper Rash (Two main factors: diarrhea & infrequent changing, Other factors and types of rash, To keep baby's skin healthy: less moisture, more air, night diapering, If a rash develops, If a rash persists.) 

Environmental Considerations (The diaper debate, Canada's goals and guidelines, Diaper data: statistics, lifecycle inventory studies, Diaper issues: the garbage problem and the "biodegradable" myth, disposal of feces, dioxins, detergents, land use, Environmental improvement, Other reusable cloth products.)


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