Kidalog/Baby Love Products, Camrose, Alberta, Canada

True or False?
You don't need to feel guilty about using disposable diapers because they are biodegradable and compostable.

False! Disposable diapers, even those made from "biodegradable" plastic, do NOT decompose in landfill sites, because they do not have the right conditions to break down, especially if they are packed in plastic garbage bags. They are merely preserved in close to their original condition. Even food and garden waste sent to the landfill site takes up to 60 years to decompose.

As for composting/recycling of disposable diapers, this is not feasible in most communities because of cost.

One of our customers wrote to say that she is putting the "biodegradable" disposables she uses, into her home compost bin, and adding vegetable matter. If anyone else has tried this, let us know your results. It is questionable because:
1 Putting raw sewage (baby poo) into your garden is unsanitary.
2 The plastic sheet may break down into smaller pieces, but these small pieces remain in the soil forever.
2 One baby will produce 5300 dirty diapers during the diapering period--making a 2.5 Ton mound of "compost"!
3 The temperature in a backyard composter is not high enough to break down the diaper material.