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Shampooing too frequently makes "cradle cap" worse, not better.
Cradle cap is caused when the skin overproduces a waxy, oily substance called sebum. The increased hormones at birth may cause a surge in oil production on the face and scalp. This usually happens when baby is between 3-9 weeks old. If the oil ducts become plugged, little pimples form. When it happens on the face, it is called "baby acne". When it happens on the scalp, the crusty oily flakes are called "cradle cap". If you shampoo more often, the extra scrubbing makes the cradle cap worse. Instead, get a good quality vegetable oil (the kind you can eat), from the health food store or grocery store, and dab it onto the crusty areas on baby's head. After 15-20 minutes, gently lift the crusty flakes with a baby comb, then shampoo.