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The washing machine you have will affect the life of your cloth diapers. We recently moved, and instead of the regular-sized automatic washer, we are now using an apartment-size spin washer, the kind that does not have an agitator. My tea towels had held up well for a couple of years in the regular washer, but were shredding after just a few washes in the spin washer! After having our socks and underwear fall apart, we realized they needed to be washed on the "knit" setting instead of "regular". So, when washing cloth diapers, be sure that your machine is set for the gentlest agitation that will still get them clean. Over-drying diapers can have a similar disastrous effect; all that lint you find in the dryer's lint-catcher is fabric that has come off the diapers! (Grace, editor)

Did you ever wonder why there are commercials for disposable diapers during kid's cartoon shows? My daughter suggested that these are intended to brainwash kids so that when they are parents they will use disposables. (Grace)
Did you know? Disposable diaper companies give special prices to hospitals so new mothers become accustomed to using their products right from baby's birth.
Your baby will spend over 20,000 hours in diapers, so choosing a diaper is a major decision. Fit and comfort are important. You will also want to consider the heritage you are leaving your child. ONE baby diapered in disposable diapers will leave behind 2 1/2 TONS of non-biodegradeable garbage!
If you use water in your diaper pail, add 1/2 cup borax, dissolved in hot water, to your diaper pail. Borax disinfects and deodorizes. It is available in the laundry products section of any grocery store.
Wool fact: Wool can absorb over 30% moisture before feeling wet to the touch, cotton can absorb 8% and synthetics 0 to 4%
Avoid talcum powder as it may be contaminated with asbestos fibres. Breathing in any of this powder is dangerous as there is no safe level for asbestos exposure. Instead, use arrowroot powder, rice starch, or corn starch, all available at health food stores.
Disposable diapers are not acceptable for Edmonton's recycling program, according to the Waste Management branch. Some residents mistakenly put them in the blue recycling bags, but they cannot be used. Edmonton Sun, June 4/2000
Did you know that in 1955, 100% of American babies wore cloth diapers? In 1955 only 7.1 of American babies experienced diaper rash. In 1991, about 90% wore disposable diapers. In 1991, the incidence of diaper rash was 78%. (Journal of Pediatrics, 1959, Vol 54; Clinical Pediatrics, 1991, Vol. 30)
A well-prepared diaper bag should include:
* diapers
* diaper covers
* bag to hold dirty diapers
* wipes or wet washcloths
* extra clothes
* blanket
* hat
* diaper cream
* toys
* snacks

Washing cloth diapers uses only the same amount of water that would be used by one person flushing the toilet 5 or 6 times a day.