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Tips to Prevent Ear Infections
In children, the function and structure of the eustacian tube which connects the middle ear space to the nose has not fully developed, so they are more susceptible than adults to ear infections.
*avoid exposure to cigarette smoke
*do not let baby suck on a bottle while lying flat on his back, as this may allow formula to enter directly into the middle ear
*eliminate food allergens (cow's milk is the most common allergen; wheat, eggs, corn, oranges, and peanut butter are also on the list)
*dust and pet dander are also possible allergens
*your chiropractor or a cranial-sacral therapist can also help a child with recurrent ear infections
*preventive remedies are "minor bupleurum" (a Chinese herbal formula) and Oscillococcinum (the homeopathic Anas barbariae), available from your health food store or homeopathic doctor.
*children in day care have a higher risk of ear infections because there are more germs being passed around
*avoid forceful nose-blowing.
From the book "Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child"--which can be found in our "Books" section, and from the magazine "Early Childhood News".