Kidalog/Baby Love Products, Camrose, Alberta, Canada


Folding instructions for square diapers.
This is the most popular fold for square diapers; we include 2 other folding methods if you order square diapers.

Fold bottom up to make a rectangle as long as you wish diaper to be.

Fold right side 1/3 over.


Fold left side 1/3 over


You now have a rectangle 3 layers thick with a 6 layer thickness at one end.


Place the thick end in front for boys and in back for girls.

Folding Instructions for Prefolded Diapers
For a newborn, the diaper must be folded to fit. For a boy, fold the edges of the diaper in, and fold over the front edge of the diaper. For a girl, fold the diaper in the same manner, but put the thickest part at the back instead of at the front.