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Lice Treatment
The Hospital for Sick Children recommends a 50:50 solution of mineral oil and vinegar to get rid of lice nits. Dr. Ipp from the hospital says that many parents have had success with this treatment even after repeated courses of potentially toxic lice shampoos have failed. (Please note that mineral oil may also contain some harmful ingredients.)
Massage the mineral oil/vinegar solution into the hair, cover for 1 hour with a shower cap, and then shampoo out with your usual shampoo. The mineral oil suffocates lice, the vinegar detaches the nits from the hair, and they can then be easily combed out of the oily hair. Family Magazine May/June 2000

If you are treating your child for scabies or lice, be aware that some medications for these contain endocrine disruptors that can affect the reproductive system of your child. (Source: Healthy Baby, Toxic World)