Kidalog/Baby Love Products, Camrose, Alberta, Canada


APRIL 20, 1999

You may have seen the 20/20 (ABC TV) report on polycarbonate baby bottles that aired April 19. The program reported on a warning from Consumer Reports telling parents to dispose of all polycarbonate baby bottles. Consumer Reports tested polycarbonate baby bottles and found that bisphenol-A migrates from the bottles into the milk. Consumer Reports advises parents to use glass or opaque plastic bottles instead of the polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a clear, shiny, glassy-looking hard plastic.

Because new concerns about various plastics leaching into food are arising every year, Baby Love now advises parents to avoid putting ANY food or drink into ANY kind of plastic. Babies are especially at risk as the amount of toxin ingested is large compared to their body weight. Also a baby's organs are still growing and will be affected more than those of a fully-grown person. Use glass, porcelain, or enamel containers, and metal cutlery. (Corelle-type dishware is ideal as it is not glazed and is difficult to break.)

Some breastpumps we sell are polycarbonate but this is not a problem as milk is not stored or heated in them. The breastmilk freezing bags we sell are polyethylene. Polyethylene is a plastic which is still considered to be safe, with no chemical leaching. Breastfeeding experts advise mothers to use polyethylene bags for milk storage, because some components of mother's milk cling to glass bottles. However, in light of more and more evidence about chemical leaching from various plastics, you will have to make a personal decision whether you prefer polyethylene milk bags, or glass bottles. One thing we do know is that glass has been proven to be an inert substance--that is why glass beakers are used in chemistry experiments.

Because of the increasing evidence that plastic endangers the health of babies, effective April 20 we have removed all types of plastic feeding bowls, canteens, and utensils from our shelves.

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