Kidalog/Baby Love Products, Camrose, Alberta, Canada
Many breast pumps are designed for a single user only. Viruses for serious diseases can be passed on to you or your baby if you use a breast pump that has been used by another mother. With electric pumps, even if you buy new accessories, the miniscule milk droplets left in the motor can be passed into your milk as you pump, and when you feed your baby the pumped milk, he will also get any viruses in the milk droplets from the motor.
Some manual pumps can be sterilized or autoclaved so are safe to use. The package will indicate this.
Some electric pumps, such as The Purely Yours, are designed in such a way that they can be used by more than one person, as system is made so there is no chance of milk droplets getting into the motor area. The Purely Yours can be handed down or sold to another user when you are done with it, which makes it an excellent choice.