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In keeping with guidelines from Health Canada, The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, the U.S. Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association, and other health professionals stating that crib bedding should not be bulky, our quilts and bumper pads are now thinner to avoid risk of baby re-breathing air.

Safety Notes:
If using flat sheets, be sure they are well tucked in; otherwise they can pose an entanglement/strangulation hazard for baby.
In answer to the question, is it safe to sleep with your baby? Under most circumstances co-sleeping is likely to be very safe and beneficial; but it depends on how it is done. If the parent(s) smoke or take drugs, co-sleeping is risky. Sleeping with an infant on a waterbed, couches, soft bed, or any bed that has gaps or ledges into which the infant can fall can be risky for the infant. It is more ideal to sleep on a hard firm mattress, and to limit your use of pillows and blankets.
James McKenna, Ph.D., Professor of Biological Anthropology, Senior Researcher SIDS Project, Sleep Disorders Center, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine
Ultrasound Test for Anemia in Unborn Babies
Serious anemia occurs in a small percentage of fetuses who inherit certain types of red blood cells from their fathers. If the mother doesn't have the same type, her immune system may form antibodies that attack the fetus' red blood cells, causing serious complications and even death in the fetus.
A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that ultrasound testing was 100% effective at detecting life-threatening fetal anemia, sparing many pregnant women the need for a riskier surgical test. The ultrasound test used measured the speed of blood moving through the middle cerebral artery to determine the level of oxygen in the blood.
Associated Press, Jan 8/00
Sleep problems? Rather than "sleep training" for your baby, just reframe your own thinking. Out of my 4 children, 3 did not sleep well till around age 5, partly because of health problems. One idea that really helped me maintain a good mood through all this, was to view myself as an important worker who was "on call" for night shifts. For example, a doctor or fireman are often called at night to do their work. Parenting is a job at least equally important (you are nurturing the next generation). I read this in a La Leche League book, and it totally changed my thinking. Now my children are teenagers, and want to sleep 12 hours or more at a stretch! Grace (Owner of Kidalog)
A king-size mattress, placed on the floor in case of falls, makes a good "family bed", and the mattress can be used on a regular bed later. It also gives you a safe place to change baby.
A recent hospital study has shown that cuddling helps premature babies quiet down and develop more rapidly. The hospital uses volunteers to cuddle the babies when the parents need a break.