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Switching from disposables to cloth diapers?
There is one important adjustment you may have to make. The most common problem is that parents using disposables do not change their babies frequently enough, letting baby sit in a wet disposable for an hour or longer (yuck!). Cloth diapers can only absorb the liquid from one wetting (at night time you can add extra-absorbency pads). Therefore, you need to get in the habit of checking baby FREQUENTLY to see if he is wet, because if he wets the same diaper more than once, it will likely leak.
I remember easily going through 2 dozen diapers in a day with a newborn! As baby grows, his bladder capacity increases too, so that at two years of age, he may wet only 8-12 times a day, but in much larger amounts. You should have at least 36 diapers on hand, and be prepared to wash diapers daily. Frequent changing, not allowing baby to sit in a wet diaper, will prevent diaper rash.