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Damage caused by ultraviolet rays is cumulative and prevention must start at an early age in order to prevent later eye disease or vision loss. A study by the University of Colorado (1991), states "Early life exposure to sunlight may be especially important in the development of intraocular malignant melanoma."

After we came across the study above, we received this note from a customer....
"About the spiel that goes along with the children's sunglasses: sunlight--including ultraviolet-- is absolutely essential to health! I get us out in the sunshine (no glasses) every chance I get in the winter! In the summer, of course I take care not to let us get burned. Haven't you ever heard of full-spectrum light bulbs? Sunlight stimulates many internal processes, including immunity, upon entering the eyes. Allow me to recommend John Ott's book Health and Light. The type of fats people consume has more to do with sun damage than anything.

I would also like to recommend that you sell a life-changing book on learning styles called "How Your Child is Smart" by Dawna Markova.

Sincerely, A. H. (note on back of her order form).

Udo Erasmus (who has 2 years of post graduate studies in genetics and biochemistry and a PhD in nutrition), writes in his book "Fats that Heal"
"We are creatures of light. Human health requires full-spectrum sunlight including UV rays in moderation. It benefits our health to spend at least some time (one hour or more) each day outside in direct or indirect, unfiltered sunlight. Sunglasses that block UV should not be worn during this light-for-health time."
(You can find "Fats That Kill/Fats That Heal" by Udo Erasmus in our "Books" section.)