The very best baby exerciser! 

Enhances baby's muscular development, balance, 

and co-ordination.
  • Professionally designed by an occupational therapist for baby's optimum health, safety and comfort.
  • Baby bounces using the soles of his feet, instead of the tip-toes, to avoid permanent damage to baby's toes.
  • Hips are cradled, preventing baby from bouncing with stiff legs. This eliminates the possibility of bone or joint injuries caused by impact.
  • Back section supports spine and head.
  • Merry Muscles is set at an angle, with a front bib to prevent baby falling forward or getting tangled in lines.
  • Baby's weight is supported by buttocks and upper thighs, so there is no pressure around the chest, stomach, and vital organs.
  • Soft fabric seat doesn't cut into baby's legs.
  • Baby can jump, or just sit back and relax comfortably.
  • Safe--baby can't climb out.
  • Adjusts to fit age 3 months to 2 years.
  • Hangs from doorframe or ceiling with screw-in hook (included).
  • Special shock-cord spring designed for safe, silent bouncing without jerking baby's head.
  • Washable seat.
  • Guaranteed for two years under normal usage.

"In my own home, I have used the infant model, called Merry Muscles, for my son from three months until two years of age. It has been a wonderful form of amusement and exercise for him. As both a physician and a mother, I can very highly recommend the products..." Alsoon Brine, M.D., Victoria, B.C.

"I wish I'd seen Merry Muscles before I had purchased J...J... (other brand). The J...J... is uncomfortable, cheaply made, and poorly supportive. N.R., Trenton, ON

"I have used the Merry Muscles and Rebecca spent many happy times bouncing delightedly!!" J.G.

"The little guy loves Merry Muscles! We were recently given a J...J... (other brand) that looks flimsy by comparison. It's little wonder that my two young nephews never caught on to J...J...(other brand)."

"I recently borrowed a Merry Muscles for my daycare. I was very impressed with its design and convenience of style. My family are all teenagers now. Baby furniture has come a long way in design in the past 20 years. Please send a Merry Muscles..." Sunshine Family Day Care

"We've had a Merry Muscles for a year now, and it has been, by far, one of Lauren's favorite things. I've told everyone I know with little ones, about it." S.H.

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For older Children/Adults with Special Needs

Maribelle Exercise Assist System (MEAS)

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