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Did you know......
that Pineappleweed, which is found across North America and Europe, is a natural insect repellent?

This common herb grows everywhere--it likes places like parking lots, paths, driveways, the edges of gardens. It is closely related to chamomile, and is very fragrant. It can be rubbed on the skin or clothing as a perfume or insect repellent. You can even rub it over your hands to mask the smell of fish or other odors. Hang it up as a natural air freshener, drop some into a hot bath for a relaxing soak, or add it to pillows or make a sachet for your drawers. You can even eat the heads plain, throw them into a salad, or make a calming tea from them. The tea will soothe an upset stomach, and can also be used as a rinse to leave your hair shining.

(Source: Alberta Wayside Wildflowers by Lone Pine Press)